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Net pots for hydroponic farms / horticulture farms / plant seedlings

A fast growing population globally requires completely new farming concepts - future farming is revolutionizing the way we grow fruits and vegetable. nature2world net pots are supporting disruptive and circular farming concepts on large scale.

Built with nature2need Bioblend TTS40MB Biomass Blend (fast degradation), Spectabio TR45MB (medium degradation) or recycled PP with rice husk blend (durable). 



  • naturally biodegradable, fast degradation (built with Bioblend TTS40MB Biomass Blend)
  • naturally biodegradable, medium degradation (built with Spectabio TR45MB Rice Husk Blend)
  • recycled PP blended with 2nd gen. biomass (built with Spectadur rPB40MS Rice Husk Blend)



  • Size: height 52 mm, upper diameter outer 60 mm / inner 52 mm, diameter lower 33 mm
  • Volume: 7.5 ml
  • Weight: 8 – 12 grams (depending on the material choice)
  • Color: natural brown (customizable with orders of 1.000 pieces or above)
  • Design: round (customizable with orders of 300.000 pieces or above)
  • Packaging: carton box 48 cm x 28 cm x 28 cm height, 500 pieces/box

Net Pot, small, naturally biodegradable/recycled, brown - 1 box / 500 pieces

9 Grams
  • International Express Delivery; local taxes and duties may apply. 

    DAP (Delivery At Place): includes all transport costs until the shipment reaches its destination, however the payment of duties and taxes Is responsibility of the consignee.

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