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We provide a comprehensive range of LCA services for both internal benchmarking and external reportings, adhering to regional and international standards.


The LCA is a systematic and comprehensive methodology used to evaluate the environmental impacts of a material, process, product, or service throughout its entire life cycle, from the extraction of raw materials, through production, use, and disposal (scope 3). LCA takes into account various factors such as resource consumption, energy use, emissions, and waste generation to provide a holistic view of the environmental footprint of a particular item or activity. This assessment is a valuable tool in sustainability and environmental management, helping organizations and policymakers make informed decisions to reduce the environmental impact of their operations and products. 


The LCI focuses on collecting data about all the inputs (materials, energy, water, etc.) and outputs (emissions, waste, etc.) associated with each stage of a product's life cycle. It involves creating a detailed inventory of the resources used and emissions generated during raw material extraction, manufacturing, transportation, use, and end-of-life disposal.

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The LCIA involves the assessment of the potential environmental impacts identified in the LCI phase. This step quantifies and categorizes the environmental consequences of the inputs and outputs, which may include factors like global warming potential, acidification, eutrophication, and other impact categories. It helps in understanding which environmental issues are most significant in a product's life cycle.

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Once data is collected and potential impacts are assessed, the final subcategory, interpretation, involves summarizing and communicating the findings. It helps stakeholders, including businesses and policymakers, make informed decisions and take actions to reduce the environmental footprint of a product or process. Interpretation often involves trade-off analysis, sensitivity analysis, and the development of recommendations for improvement.

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