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We continuously strive to localize turn-key manufacturing sites together with strong regional partners to support critical projects. nature2world sites recycle local biomass waste streams in-situ into valuable, sustainable biomaterial compounds to support the local circular economy.
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A tremendous amount of valuable biomass, like agricultural residues, is dumped into landfill, rivers or is burned, creating air and water pollution, wildfire risks and significant GhG emissions.
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Plastics pollution is one of the most pressing environmental issue. Recycling rates are low. Most of our plastics trash eventually ends up in our oceans. 
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Biomass contributes to the reduction of GhGs from the atmosphere and helps mitigate the challenge of climate change. Keeping biomass as a whole as long as possible constitutes a more permanent carbon storage and removal from the atmosphere.
We offer solutions that tackle all problems in the same time - truly disruptive, sustainable and profitable for all stakeholder. 


Mottainai 5.0 - our disruptive circular economy model - valorizes local biomass waste streams (2nd/3rd generation biomass, like agricultural residues, food processing left-overs and organic industrial waste) in-situ into biomaterial compounds - low cost feedstock for standard polymer processes with better properties than virgin polymers. Recycled plastics from regional sources is serving as host matrix. 

Standardized, turn-key nature2world sites keep 2nd/3rd generation biomass as well as plastics circular to avoid air and water pollution, to reduce mircoplastics in nature and - eventually and most important - to create more permanent carbon sinks.

We support local projects that require efficient, affordable and disruptive material feedstock; we set-up robust manufacturing solutions right where the waste streams originate - right where you need it. 


The nature2world Mottainai 5.0 business model is licensing innovative, proven compound formulations along with standardized manufacturing and processing technologies – adapted to local needs and requirements.

Turn-key operation units manufacture distinctive, environmentally sustainable compounds for local projects and customers. These local sites operate the complete manufacturing and distribution independently in strict conformity with nature2world operation specifications to maintain highest quality and customer satisfaction.

We support with centralized/regional sourcing of non-local substances, Engineering and material customization to ensure that materials and formulations remain unique and perfectly tailored for the target products.