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Natureblend PT30MS grades are advanced compounds that deliver improved impact properties combined with enhanced strength and stiffness values. The material is UV/AO stabilized. All Natureblend grades are coming naturally in off-white; they can be delivered according to customer color specifications or can be blended with any traditional color masterbatch during part manufacturing.


Standard grades are built on 30 w.-% of advanced Thermoplastic Starch (TPS) that replaces 30% of virgin PP. Plants absorb atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) as they grow. Using biomass to create products turn these constitutes into an effective CO2 storage resulting into a more permanent removal of CO2 from the atmosphere.


The unique property is the high-flow characteristic which makes the Natureblend PT30MS suitable for thin-walled packaging applications, e.g., food & beverage containers. Lean parts that could only be molded with PP until now can now be made with a sustainable material while keeping the overall material input low. Part wall-thickness shall be greater than 0.4 mm. 


The grade is food contact safe according to EN 10/2011 and US FDA regulations.

Natureblend PTS30MS - 30 w.-% starch blend, durable - 1 pallet / 1 MT

SKU: n2n-CN-PTS30MS-NA-1MT-01
1 Kilogram
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    As soon as the shipment of goods leaves the our warehouse, we records the sale as complete. The buyer owns the product en route to its warehouse and must pay any delivery charges, destination charges, duties and taxes. 

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