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Food container for cold & hot storage built with nature2need® Natureblend PTS30MS - an advanced PP starch blend. 


The unique advantage is a truly thin-walled packaging and food container with excellent properties and little overall material usage. The wall thickness is as low as 0.4 mm; starch and other natural substances are replacing more than 40 weight-% of traditional polyolefins (like PP, PE or EPS). The container is food contact safe (acc. to EU 10/2011 & US FDA regulations) and odor neutral.



  • hot (up to 75°C) and cold storage (up to -25°), suitable for multi-use
  • microwave & dishwasher ok
  • size: 150 mm x 150 mm x 58 mm
  • volume: 800 ml
  • weight: box 25 g, lid 10 g
  • material: box (PP starch blend), lid (transparent: PP; color: PP starch blend)
  • color: grey box and grey/transparent lid (customizable)
  • design: square (customizable with orders of 500.000 pieces or above)
  • features: combo (box and lid)


Material mass balance (dry mass; box/colored lid)

  • biomass content 33% by weight
  • naturally occurring inorganic compound content 5.5% by weight
  • virgin synthetic organic compound content 61,5 by weight

Food Container Combo, square, 800 ml, PP starch, grey - 1 pallet/12 boxes

35 Grams
  • FOB (Free On Board) Ningbo

    As soon as the shipment of goods leaves the our warehouse, we records the sale as complete. The buyer owns the product en route to its warehouse and must pay any delivery charges, destination charges, duties and taxes. 

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