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Food container for cold & hot storage built with nature2need® Natureblend PTS30MS - an advanced PP starch blend. 


The unique advantage is a truly thin-walled packaging and food container with excellent properties and little overall material usage. The wall thickness is as low as 0.4 mm; starch and other natural substances are replacing more than 40 weight-% of traditional polyolefins (like PP, PE or EPS). The container is food contact safe (acc. to EU 10/2011 & US FDA regulations) and odor neutral.



  • hot (up to 75°C) and cold storage (up to -25°), suitable for multi-use
  • microwave & dishwasher ok
  • size: 150 mm x 150 mm x 58 mm
  • volume: 800 ml
  • weight: box 25 g, lid 10 g
  • material: box (PP starch blend), lid (transparent: PP; color: PP starch blend)
  • color: grey box and grey/transparent lid (customizable)
  • design: square (customizable with orders of 500.000 pieces or above)
  • features: combo (box and lid)


Material mass balance (dry mass; box/colored lid)

  • biomass content 33% by weight
  • naturally occurring inorganic compound content 5.5% by weight
  • virgin synthetic organic compound content 61,5 by weight

Food Container Combo, square, 800 ml, PP starch, grey - 1 box / 675 pieces

35 Grams
  • International Express Delivery; local taxes and duties may apply. 

    DAP (Delivery At Place): includes all transport costs until the shipment reaches its destination, however the payment of duties and taxes Is responsibility of the consignee.

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