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Hydroponic farming

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

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Hydroponic farming is a method of growing plants without soil, using nutrient-rich water instead. The Latin word hydroponics means “working water". It’s a great way to grow food indoors or in areas with limited access to fertile soil. Hydroponic systems can come in many different forms, from simple setups like a single bucket with an airstone to more complex setups that incorporate lights, timers, and automated nutrient delivery. Some of the advantages of hydroponic gardening and farming include faster growth rates, higher yields, and the ability to grow crops year-round. Additionally, because hydroponic systems can be used indoors, they are often used by people living in cities or regions with harsh climates who are looking to grow their own food, for example in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

hydroponic pots

Hydroponic pots play an important role in any successful hydroponic gardening and farming system. They provide a setting that replicates the environmental conditions plants need to grow, stable containment for growing media, and assistance with healthy plant development and growth.

Several types of hydroponic pots and containers are available to be used for hydroponic growing. Each presents its own advantages and disadvantages for the different types of hydroponic growing systems. It’s important to find hydroponic containers that provide room for drainage, aeration, and air pruning.

net pots

Hydroponic net pots work best in hydroponic systems for nutrient film, deep water culture, ebb and flow systems, and aeroponics systems. Net pots offer support to cuttings and seedlings during propagation. The pots provide good aeration and drainage thanks to their open design.

Holes in the net pots provide room for roots to reach the nutrient solution. In terms of the best grow media for net pots, perlite, rock wool, or clay pebbles are used commonly.

Net pots have generally been made of traditional plastics allowing for repeated use. More and more, fruit, vegetable, herbs and other plants from hydroponic farms are distributed and sold along with pots to keep the roots intact and the plants fresh for a longer time. It supports transport and storage; placed well in the shop shelves, the plants may even continue to grow while on display, sold as "living vegetables or plants". This concept reduces food wastage and keeps products and plants fresh.

nature2world solutions

To support this trend and these new concepts, it is important to use sustainable but low cost net pots. In most cases, it is not straightforward to separate the roots from the pots. Naturally-biodegradable pots are key to be able to dispose the green cutting waste along with pots simply into home or garden compost.

nature2world naturally biodegradable hydroponic pots come in 2 options:

- fast degrading (build with nature2need Bioblend TTS30MB 2G Biomass Blend)

- naturally biodegradable, medium degradation (built with Spectabio TR45MB Rice Husk Blend)

For solutions that are in need for a repeated use of hydroponic pots, nature2world is suggesting to use recycled pots blended with a high amount of 2nd generation biomass:

- recycled PP blended with 2nd gen. biomass (built with Spectadur rPB40MS Rice Husk Blend)

nature2world supports with standard designs or supports with customized designs and products.


A fast growing population globally requires completely new farming concepts. Future farming is revolutionizing the way we grow fruits, vegetable and other plants. nature2world net pots made for hydroponic farming are supporting disruptive and circular farming concepts on large scale. Made with the nature2need biopolymer compound Natureblend TTS40MB 2G Biomass Blend the pots are fast degrading in nature, circular and built using local farming residues. With Mottainai 5.0, material and pots can be produced in-situ, right next to the hydroponic farm, valorizing hydroponic farm organic residues on-site, keeping the circular economy cycle uninterrupted.


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