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We deliver pioneering innovations to address global environmental and societal challenges - disruptive technologies and solutions that empower businesses and governments worldwide to achieve their sustainability goals. Welcome to our world, built on principles of people, sustainability, and environmental and natural resource stewardship.
Kayaking into Sunset
We have been awarded with the Efficient Solution Label by the Solar Impulse Foundation. The label recognizes Mottainai 5.0 as a highly efficient, sustainable, profitable and scalable solution to address climate change, biomass wastage and plastic pollution on scale.  
Our biomaterials utilize 2nd/3rd generation biomass as building blocks, representing a genuinely environmentally and economically sustainable approach to a circular economy. Select from a wide range of biomass sources or provide your own organic waste streams to assist us in creating circular materials and establishing more permanent carbon sinks.
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As the climate continues to change, billions of people face greater challenges in terms of extreme weather events, health effects, food security, livelihood security and adequate housing, migration, water security, cultural identity, and other related risks.
Climate Change is the key issue of our time. Let's tackle the issus right at the source. 
Terrace farming in Muong Hoa Valley, Vietnam
Mottainai 5.0 is the direct valorization of recycled plastics and local organic waste streams (e.g., agricultural residues) into biomaterial compounds for sustainable products. We franchise our technology and turn-key manufacturing units wherever you are: a disruptive, profitable and circular economy with impact on large scale. 
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Makeup Brushes
nature2world develops outstanding products and solutions jointly with global brands and innovative start-ups, built with disruptive nature2need materials. Our Engineering team supports to choose the right material grade, to develop advanced product solutions and to get products tested, validated and certified for target industries and regions. 
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Modern Office
nature2world supports with consultancy services for start-ups, SMEs and Corporates, for governments, media and non-profit organizations to make products, solutions and businesses sustainable and ready for the future. We are operating out of China and South-East Asia. Let us know how we can help.
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