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Spectabio LB30MB Bamboo Fiber Blend

biopolymer compound

injection molding

 general description

Spectabio LB30MB is a modified PLA-blend. The grade is significantly enhanced with a blend of natural fibers (bamboo, rice or coffee husk, wheat straw, wood powder or any suitable 2nd/3rd generation biomass). Spectabio LB30MB is suitable for a post-process annealing.

Spectabio LB30MB is compostable/biodegradable (microbial and enzymatic degradation) in the targeted disposal environment; the grade is designed to be biodegradable in controlled (e.g. industrial compost facilities). Spectabio LB grades offer a significant reduction in carbon footprint compared to traditional fossil-based plastics.

The grades exhibit good strength and stiffness properties as well as a medium flow combined with improved elongation values. An increased rate of crystallization allows an annealing to a heat-stable temperature of up to 80 °C (HDT-B).

Part wall-thickness shall be greater than 2.5 mm.

 basic characteristics

biomass blend

compound base




compound color

natural, speckled


industrial compostable

sturdy applications with thick wall-thicknesses, e.g., plant pots, urns

 technical data (TDS)


1.25 g/cm3

MFI (190°C/2.16 kg)

70 g/10 min

HDT-B (@ 0.46 MPa)

54.2 °C

melting point

180 °C

tensile strength 

39.1 MPa

tensile modulus


54.5 MPa

flexural strength

4.1 GPa

flexural modulus

6.8 %

elongation @ yield 

elongation @ break 

6.8 %

shore hardness

impact IZOD (notched)

57.3 J/m

material shrinkage

0.45 %

Test Methods: ASTM D1238, ASTM D648, ASTM D638, ASTM D790A, ASTM D638, ASTM D256, ASTM D2240; typical values; all mechanical properties as per ASTM D638 Type I specimen, injection molded in accordance with AST; D4101.

products made with

Spectabio LB30MB Bamboo Fiber Blend

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