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Organoblend rPB50MS Coco Blend

Mottainai 5.0

injection molding

 general description

nature2need Organoblend rPB50MS grades are advanced compounds that deliver enhanced strength and stiffness values. The material is UV stabilized.

Standard grades are built on more than 40 w.-% mechanically extracted (no chemicals used) biomass, mainly coco peat, coco coir and some rice husk. Coco residues and other naturally sourced biomass replace more than 50 w.-% of PP. Plants absorb atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) as they grow. Using biomass like coco residues and rice husk in a direct form to create products turn these into an effective CO2 storage resulting into a more permanent removal of CO2 from the atmosphere.

Part wall-thickness shall be greater than 2.5 mm. Injection molds shall be tailored to high-filled material grades.

The grades are delivered in dark natural, speckled color.

• durable bio-compounds
• injection molding grade
• environmentally sustainable; > 50% bio-based
• host-matrix is 100% recylced PP
• blended with > 40 w.-% 2nd generation biomass coco peat, coco coir and rice husk
• high strength and stiffness properties
• improved flow and stable processing
• naturally heat-stable up to 125 °C
• durable, can be recycled (symbol 7)
• BPI- & melamine free
• UV protected
• available as flame retardancy improved grade
• injection molds need to be suitable for high-filled materials

 basic characteristics

biomass blend

compound base


coco peat

> 50% bio-based

compound color

natural, speckled



special purpose grade, non-food contact, medium to thick wall-thickness

 technical data (TDS)


1 g/cm3

MFI (190°C/2.16 kg)

8.2 g/10 min

HDT-B (@ 0.46 MPa)

123 °C

melting point

162 °C

tensile strength 

20.9 MPa

tensile modulus


30.7 MPa

flexural strength

2.2 GPa

flexural modulus

7 %

elongation @ yield 

elongation @ break 

7.1 %

shore hardness

impact IZOD (notched)

25.8 J/m

70 D

material shrinkage

0.6 %

Test Methods: ASTM D1238, ASTM D648, ASTM D638, ASTM D790A, ASTM D638, ASTM D256, ASTM D2240; typical values; all mechanical properties as per ASTM D638 Type I specimen, injection molded in accordance with AST; D4101.

products made with

Organoblend rPB50MS Coco Blend

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