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understand why nature2need compounds and solutions are truly sustainable
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Greenhouse Gases like carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane trap heat. The more Greenhouse Gases (GhG) we have in our atmosphere, the more global temperatures are rising. Fossil fuels are made of carbon stored continued underground thanks to plant biomass that died long ago and got compressed into oil, coal or natural gas over thousands and thousands of years. Exploration and burning of these fossil fuels in just a few generations release extra carbon dioxide into our atmosphere in a short time and adds to an ever rising global warming.

nature2need biomaterials reduce or completely replace the use of traditional plastics - and with that - the exploration of fossil fuels. The use of a certain percentage of biomass or mineral fillers in our durable grades, reduces the use of polyolefins. Our biodegradable biomaterials replace traditional plastics completely. 

But there is so much more: The uptake of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere during the photosynthesis process is a unique feature of plant biomass. The transformation of biomass (and its embodied “biogenic” carbon) into consumer products represents in effect a removal of CO2 from the atmosphere via its continued storage in the product over a period of time. Bio-based products, especially those with a direct biomass fill, can thus contribute to reduce the Greenhouse Gas levels in the atmosphere and very effectively address global warming.

This is how we decarbonize the petrochemical industry on scale. 

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