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  • What is net-zero?
    Net-zero represents an ideal state in which the quantity of greenhouse gases (abbreviated as GhGs) released into the Earth's atmosphere is offset by an equal amount of GhGs removed from the atmosphere and permanently stored. Achieving net-zero requires comprehensive decarbonization efforts across all levels.
  • Does nature2need deliver compounds in custom colors?
    All nature2need compounds can be delivered in custom colors. You need to provide a RAL-# (best) or a reference part in target color. We will then develop a color masterbatch suitable for the compound scope. Please understand that this color masterbatch is specific to the compound and biomass you choose. Please note: Any changes in the material (e.g., changing a rice husk blend to a coffee husk blend) requires a new color masterbatch development. For biomass blended materials, we have limitations on bright colors, i.e., we might not be able to provide a bright white or bright yellow color. Any subsequent material order requires the material name plus our internal color number we will provide (e.g., Spectadur PB30MB 38909) on your Purchase Order (PO). There is no specific MoQ for colored materials, though, we will need to charge for the color masterbatch development separately. Lead time is 14 days. Please contact our Sales team for more information. We are building a library of colors for some of our standard materials, i.e., you may be able to choose from a given set of colors in the future. Please check back if pre-defined colors are available. Visit our store for pricing details.
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